Our Thematic Areas:

  1. Education

  2. SRHR/Skills

  3. Employability


  5. Advocacy

  6. Child Protection

  7. Sports & Deve.


Kenya Christian School For The Deaf is a leading charitable organization fighting poverty. We place special focus on working alongside vulnerable deaf adolescents and women because, equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty. Girls and women are at the heart of KCSD's community-based efforts to improve basic education, prevent the spread of disease, and increase access to sanitation, expand economic opportunity and protect natural resources and helps them rebuild their lives.


We provide a platform for disabled, girl-child/women, vulnerable children and youth from social life and socio-economically deprived backgrounds to realize their potentials despite the many challenges that they face, take their lives into their own hands.They learn that it's not enough to just wish for a better life.


The risks of neglecting Adolescents Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRHR) are great; a painful or damaging transition to adulthood can result in a lifetime of ill effects. For girls, early pregnancy/motherhood can be physically risky and can compromise educational achievement and economic potential. Adolescents—girls in particular—face the increased risk of exposure to HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), sexual coercion, exploitation, and violence. All of these have huge impacts on an individual’s physical and mental health, as well as long-term implications for them, their families, and their communities.


Shaping Lives

We provide shelter, education and vocational training to the hearing impaired HIV/AIDS orphans, vulnerable children and drop out of school youths. We give them hope, dignity and future for their lives by encouraging them to work harder to realize their dreams. We also do child sponsorship for those in higher learning institution and vocation training centres.

Education is the key to life.

One child once asked me, teacher, I think if get the good education my life will be better off? I responded by telling her that education is the only key to life, and you must work hard for it to realize your dreams.






  1. Creating the awareness forum for peer educators/social workers who are deaf girls/survivors of child marriages, sexual and reproduction health and rights and unintended pregnancies, hence demanding for their rights and services; while involving men in critical discussions on the risk and to end such practice.

  1. Establish provision of support and counselling to deaf girls sexually abused girls in and out of school to start life skills, vocational training skills, advisory services, entrepreneurship and improved life skills.

  1. Support logistics for transportation of emergency unconfirmed cases for the blood test to the laboratory National Referral Hospital. About 4,700 impregnated girls before age 18 years will benefit from such services in the informal dwellings of Nairobi County and Homabay County.

  1. Organize interaction forum with school management committee and parents teacher association to prepare for schools supporting outreach activities for Sexual Reproduction Health family planning information, education, and service provision.

  1. Raise awareness with the distribution of KSL booklet and increasing demand for sexual and reproductive health and rights and quality family planning services among vulnerable disadvantaged girls, women and communities to support deaf girl-child’s choices to use family planning.

  1. Monitoring and evaluation

  1. Preparation and submission of progress reports

Advocacy actions aim to improve the overall framework conditions for the disable girl-child of our target group, by bringing about changes in policies and practices that undermine their rights. We make duty bearers aware of their responsibilities, particularly government as the principal duty bearer. We advocate discrimination against disabling persons and quality family-based care & HIV/AIDS with other alternative service providers. As active participants in civil society, we initiate and support movements that can lead to sustainable social change for the benefit of disabled girl-child in our target group. Specific services and activities within these interventions are provided by those individuals, organizations or other service providers that have a duty to do so and/or are in the best position to do so. Sometimes this is the KCSD Children’s and sometimes other stakeholders.  Responsibility for providing specific services is clearly allocated during the design of the programme on a locational level and is reviewed during programme evaluations. We build formal and/or informal partnerships with other stakeholders, combining our efforts to ensure that the children especially girl-child from our target group have access to a comprehensive range of relevant services and that alliances are  formed for the protection of girl-child rights.

                          STOP COVID-19!

The usual face mask that block off the face such that one can only see the eyebrows, making it a huge communication barrier to the deaf, hard of hearing persons and with essential service providers. The usual face masks are excluding the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Block face masks are spreading as a corona-virus mitigation measure, but it’s leaving out a large population of deaf and hard of hearing who can't lipread when communicating whilst the mouth is covered, hence exposing them to high risk in battling Covid-19 pandemic.


It's important because face masks affect everyone with hearing impairment and hard of hearing persons, deaf people rely on sign language but still needs lip-reading and facial expressions for a full understanding of what is being communicated, and those with hearing aids or cochlear implants rely on lip-reading to better understand what is being heard. Anyone with lower hearing losses will have further difficulty with muffledness.

OVID-19 Face Mask For Deaf with the clear window space will enable deaf and hard of hearing to express themselves effectively through facial expression and lip-reading in addition to sign language.

Deaf and hard of hearing persons depends on facial expression and the mouth to communicate for lip reading effectively, of which COVID-19 Face Mask For Deaf with the clear window space has provided a solution that will cater and help in combating COVID-19 pandemic.




Reproductive health is a lifetime concern for both women and men, from infancy to old age. Evidence shows that reproductive health in any of these life stages has a profound effect on one’s health later in life. KCSD supports programs tailored to the different challenges people face at different times in their lives, including comprehensive sexuality education, family planning, antenatal and safe delivery care, post-natal care, services to prevent sexually transmitted infections (including HIV), and services facilitating early diagnosis and treatment of reproductive health illnesses (including breast and cervical cancer).

KCSD uses sport to create social change.

The program mentors homeless youth and adults through local games, which ultimately build confidence and create a positive structure. We use soccer to teach a curriculum of life and job skills, to help our participants to do better in school, to live healthier and for our adults to find and maintain employment. Playing soccer helped child maintain a sense of normalcy when her/his life is in chaotic, and the support of the community created a "safety net" for their family

Employability Programme

The KCSD takes up the challenge of employability for self independent, promotes inclusion and full development of Girl-child with hearing impairment in their community by addressing specific needs on topics such as sex education, vocational training skills, life skills health education, HIV/AIDs pandemic, divorce, counseling, poverty, school dropout and encouraging positive attitudes and improving educational and social frameworks to cope with new demands in education structures.  


Vocational skills for self-reliant and prosperity

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